VST is a self-funded 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2015 by former Vietnam combat scout helicopter pilot,
CPT George Ackerson.

Education: The foundation for intelligent decision making.

We’ve all heard the latin expression “caveat emptor.” The caveat, however, is that we are often educated only to the degree that someone else wants us to know. So how can a buyer beware if they are not first to become aware?

In service to others, always giving back more.

CPT George Ackerson, Founder

Our mission is to offer unique health-related products based upon advanced quality-of-life technologies and affiliate income opportunities for veterans, et. al., giving 100% of profits to the benefit of veteran charities and no-kill animal rescue shelters.


Veterans Earning Trust Experiencing Respect And National Solidarity


In Service to Others, Over Service to Self.


Together Everyone Advances Mutually

The true leader earns the trust of subordinates and those around them, and to that extent, they will experience the respect and solidarity of others without ever having to command it.

Captain George Ackerson, Founder of VST