Our Founder

U.S Army Captain Pilot

George had a very modest, Christian upbringing in a family of six. He was the youngest of three older sisters – his father a farmer, his mother a registered nurse. Typical of that era, George was taught to just  “Drink the Kool-Aid” – and think it Tasted Good! But he never acquired a taste for it…

George’s Belief: Where there is True Love, there is no such word as “Sacrifice”

Early in life, George had an interest in flying. He completed his first solo flight in a Cessna 150; just days after his 16th birthday.  By the Spring of 1970, the War in Vietnam was still expanding; prompting George to join the US Army for the Warrant Officer Flight Program, in June 1970, after graduating highschool.  During that year, he completed flight school, while obtaining a Commercial Pilot’s License, and then deployed to Vietnam in June, 1971.

This Black Helicopter – is a significantly modified VN OH-6A Cayuse – Warbird (N 101SY)  [Picture (small) and / or with hyperlink to immediately ‘enlarge’]  resides in George’s hangar in Fort Benton MT – in remembrance to Special Operators, like those of MACV–SOG and Operations he’d flown in the famed “nicknamed” LOACH, as a Scout Pilot, out of Kontum, in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.  Hence:  VST’s “Black Ops Coffee.”

After some ‘relief time’ – George went on to college; graduating winter quarter of 1977, and re-entered the US Army as a Commissioned Officer in January 1978; while transitioning into the specialty of Aviation Maintenance, with a Test-flight Phase in the (AH-1) Cobra Gunship.  George had various military assignments until he got married in December of 1983, and left the Army in early 1984; attaining the rank of Captain, while pursuing a career in health-related technologies.  

Today, George is the founder and major shareholder of a successful health products company based in Montana: Safer Medical of MT Inc.; which is the primary sponsor of VETERANS SERVICE TEAM Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

George is a patriot and would like others to know his sentiments regarding freedom:

Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin – – one of 56 Signers to the Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776)  – encourages everyone to take just a few minutes to watch – reflect, and most of all – be forever thankful.